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Sangoma’s Unified Communications brochure will guide you through:

  • Chapter 1: What is Unified Communications?
  • Chapter 2: Benefits of Unified Communications
  • Chapter 3: How UC Elevates User Experience
  • Chapter 4: How System Admins Benefit from UC
  • Chapter 5: UC Use Case – Brand Building & Marketing
  • Chapter 6: UC Use Case – Upgrading Customer Service

Work any time, anywhere with Zulu UC

Business communications has evolved to adapt to the demands of today’s flexible workforce. Productivity no longer occurs just in the office, but also during commute, during a business trip or when roaming across office locations.

Zulu UC provides desktop and mobile integration for businesses, delivering productivity and collaboration tools through a single application which users can install on their Windows, MAC or Linux workstations and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Want to deploy Unified Communications in your company?