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The physical point of demarcation in a phone system. The service becomes the provider’s responsibility up to the demarc point, and the customer’s responsibility after the demarc point.

Demarc (Wikipedia)
Old and new style demarcation points in a Canadian home built in 1945. A DSL splitter has been plugged into the modern demarc (on the right). One line passes through a DSL filter before going to the old demarc, and from there to the remainder of the house.

In telephony, the demarcation point is the point at which the public switched telephone network ends and connects with the customer's on-premises wiring. It is the dividing line which determines who is responsible for installation and maintenance of wiring and equipment—customer/subscriber, or telephone company/provider. The demarcation point varies between countries and has changed over time.

Demarcation point is sometimes abbreviated as demarc, DMARC, or similar. The term MPOE (minimum or main point of entry) is synonymous, with the added implication that it occurs as soon as possible upon entering the customer premises. A network interface device often serves as the demarcation point.

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