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The Era of Hybrid Work is here!

Hybrid work is where businesses support their employees to work in the office and remotely. The interest in hybrid work will continue based on hurdles of workplace change, public health issues, and bottom-line acclimatization.

Covid-19 has rocked our professional and personal lives. And the word “Work” is no longer associated with a physical location where people fulfill their job responsibilities. As a result, even the most conventional “Office first” companies have had to rethink their work cultures. As surprising as the unprecedented situation was, the results are no less dramatic either! Businesses realized that staff had been as efficient as they used to be in the office. And there are quite a lot of situations where teams exhibited higher efficiencies as they work remotely.

The Communications Challenge

As the physical distance between employees expands, the need for a reliable communications solution is real. Hybrid Office PBX is the clear answer to this problem. There will be no change for the clients as they will dial the same numbers to reach out to the business staff. Employees can continue to close the communications loop as they work remotely. The hybrid office PBX system re-routes the calls made to employees’ office extensions to their devices like desktop computers, laptops, or even smartphones. Utilizing Call Masking, all calls placed from your employees’ extensions display your company’s main phone number in the outbound CallerID ensuring complete privacy for your remote staff.

Totalconnect presents the best, 100% reliable, cloud-based Hybrid work solutions. These are designed to solve the complexities of modern-day work scenarios. Businesses can seamlessly support workers in the office and home or even on the road. Totalconnect has the best solution in the form of Sangoma Connect. It helps employees and businesses navigate the complexities of modern-day communication needs.

Remote Work – a long-term trend in Canada

PWC Canada conducted a survey to discover that only 6% of the Canadian workforce was working remotely before the pandemic. Now during the pandemic, this figure has swelled to 59%. The study also disclosed that only one in five employees want to go back to the workplace for full-time work. In another survey by BDC (Development Bank of Canada), 74% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) business owners plan to allow employees to work remotely.

Hybrid work needs hybrid communication and collaboration solutions

The working world is not going back to what it used to be before the pandemic. All major corporations have already initiated the shift to adopting Work From Anywhere (WFA) communication models. As well, businesses in Canada have leaped to find permanent hybrid working approaches. A one-size-fits-all solution where employees can split their work hours between workplace and remote locations.

Totalconnect is your first choice for the local Canadian company with the expertise and strength of helping Canadian companies for more than 20 years. In addition, Canada’s Cloud provider that has accomplished itself in UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service).

Local Canadian business helping Canadian businesses

Totalconnect helps businesses navigate the shift to hybrid work. Extend in-office phone system to integrate staff based out of office, working from home, or on the road.

Sangoma Connect brings all employees on one platform by connecting their devices – desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Call transfers can happen seamlessly between the office, home, cellphone, or laptop. Sangoma Connect ensures integrated communications in complete privacy. Remote users can use an encrypted office extension and not the public carriers.

Sangoma Connect is super easy to deploy Mobile Softphone. Employees can deploy the solution across their devices using a simple onboarding process. PBX extensions can be activated on their desktops, laptops, or smartphones. They can download the App on their smartphones and instantly log in to start using their office extension anywhere.

The desktop app is compatible with Windows and macOS. And the smartphone app works both with iOS and Android phones.

Benefits of adopting hybrid work culture

Businesses are sure to gain a lot many benefits from hybrid work culture; these include:

  1. Improved job satisfaction – As employees are allowed to work remotely, it gives them an upgraded autonomy and job satisfaction. They could come to work on specific projects to collaborate with the team and may choose to work from home to focus on a particular project.
  2. Hiring – The term “Hybrid” may sound catchy but has a certain appeal to it that no potential candidate can deny. Flexibility is going to be a preference for new employees. Hybrid work also allows businesses to hire candidates located far away.
  3. Huge savings on commercial rentals – As offices no longer need to work at full capacity, businesses can shave off unnecessary workspace. Thereby reducing one big expense head from balance sheets.
  4. Less effect of physical changes – As employees no longer need to commute to work daily, their efficiency may not be affected by material changes like the weather, traffic, etc.