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Redundancy is a backup component that could be either hardware or software-based. Redundancy is typically a feature included in virtual or cloud-based services used to provide continuous service in case another component fails. Redundant systems quickly and automatically restore service. This is an extremely important aspect of any VoIP PBX or Cloud-based system to ensure you always have functionality.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
redundancy (noun)
a) the quality or state of being - redundant superfluity
b) the use of redundant components , also such components
c) chiefly British dismissal from a job especially by layoff
- profusion abundance
a) superfluous repetition - prolixity
b) an act or instance of needless repetition
the part of a message that can be eliminated without loss of essential information
Redundancy (Wikipedia)

Redundancy or redundant may refer to:

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